About Deepa Kiran

‘Story Arts Foundation’ is the brainchild of Deepa Kiran. Through this foundation, she aims to keep the tradition of oral narration alive. She is actively engaged in the field of education particularly with integrating storytelling and the arts in the learning environment. She holds her performances and training programs across the
country with schools, universities, publishing houses, libraries, cultural centres, literary festivals, NGOs, government, corporate and other organizations in her unique style that is an amalgamation of  narration, dance and musical instruments  which she describes as ‘Natya Katha’.

Her journey is a story in itself.  Having attained a  Bachelors in Nutrition, she went on to do a Masters in English Literature given her penchant for literature and storytelling. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English Language (PGCTE) from EFLU, Hyderabad.  A trained Glider plane pilot during her term at NCC (Air force wing), she has also had a stint as a compere at All India Radio. She is a trained Classical dancer and loves playing the violin.

She initially worked as a part-time teacher at schools and that is where her talent for storytelling took root and bloomed. By 2008, she was a part of many storytelling performances and in the year 2011, she became a full-time storyteller.

She believes in sharing stories, learning and growing together and travelling on the wings of words exploring the enchanting world of stories.